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Effects of five World Tool factions on China tool Market

With the rapid development of economy, rising Chinese industrial machine level and to improve the quality and efficiency of machining products have become increasingly demanding, China demand for foreign imports of high-quality precision tool is also increasing. As the imported cutter prices generally higher than domestic tools, so its application is limited. However, allow all doubt, at present in the tool in the high-end market, import tool both in the specification, quality and after sale service there are certain advantages.

A major application fields, the import tool

According to the survey, the industry is mainly used in the import tool requirement on tool life, performance, efficiency, stability, high and enterprises:

(1) the automotive industry

The processing characteristics of the automotive industry, a large batch production line, two of the processing conditions are relatively fixed. In order to optimize the production, improve quality and efficiency, the very stringent requirements of processing efficiency and the service life of cutting tools in automobile industry. At the same time, because of the pipeline operations, in order to avoid the tool change causes the entire production line shutdown, causing huge economic losses, so we usually use mandatory uniform tool changing way. The tool quality stability is also put forward high request of the one and only.

(2) the aerospace industry

The processing characteristics of the aerospace industry is a high precision, two materials difficult to machine. The industry processing components material mostly is the toughness and strength are very high temperature alloy and nickel titanium alloy (such as INCONEL718), makes great play import tool.

(3) machine manufacturing enterprises large turbine, steam turbine, generator and diesel

These enterprises to the processing of parts are bulky, expensive, when processing, assurance of precision machining parts and less waste is very important, so in these industries also often use the import tool.

(4) the use of CNC machine tools more enterprises

As the saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", in order to improve the processing efficiency and product quality, make full use of the NC machine tool, often using import tool to achieve the desired effect.

Foreign funded enterprises (5)

In these enterprises, often pay more attention to the production efficiency and quality assurance. Because foreign enterprises equipment many machine tools and equipment imported by the import country, the tool is a matter of course.

In addition, there are many other industries, such as the mold industry, military industrial enterprises and other applications are very common import tool.

A comparative analysis of the two, the world's five largest tool faction

In recent years, China active in the market that the world's five largest tool faction has: Santak: American system; Japan; Israel; Department of europe.

Santak system including Sandvik Coromant sandvikc0r0mant, height (Seco). Titex. Wahl (Walter), Valenite etc.. The Swedish mountain is still independent in between heaven and earth. Even in the Sandvik announced earnings reports, mountain also arise independently. The Sandvik Valenite acquisition. Seco bought France the handle and the cutter manufacturing company -- EPB company and Holland produces the whole hard alloy cutter Jabro company, which has further improved its products series; the family business after Walter sold to Sandvik, is still busy double Zhong Kuozhang Walter business and brand; have outstanding advantages in the field of deep hole machining of L Titex company, over the years seem to have been behind the scenes, until 2003 alone for the first time to participate in the CIMT exhibition. It is reported that in 2007 sales reached 20000000 yuan, Titex already has enough energy to independent image to gain greater market share.

USA system mainly to Kenna Kennametal, Widia, Star as the representative. After the 2002 America Kenna Kennametal acquisition, greatly strengthened its position in the automotive industry. According to Luo Baihui, as the world's second largest tool company, Kennametal in China strategy is low-key operation, however, walking in the "hell" of the folk numerous, many are related with Kenna, this is China cutter exquisite Whampoa  military academy. Many of the later famous agent is from Kenna out of people. In the years of mastermind with painstaking effort China reputation, huge perfect sales network has made them after Chinese after Sandvik Coromant's most influential brand.

The Japanese system including Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Toshiba, OSG. DIJET, Fujio, Hitachi etc.. The precise known Japanese knives, agent channel in China mature in some complex. Some people say, any Japanese tool through its Proxy Companies. You can cover in the Xinjiang Tarquin basin within half a year. European and American companies pay more attention to the construction of marketing network, a mechanism for mutual protection agents. Japan Inc tend to exploit the market. Sometimes the lack of brand management, resulting in many agents, even mutual "pinch". This situation has aroused great attention of the Japanese suppliers, strengthen channel management should be one of the important work of Japanese department.

Israel, including ISCAR (ISCA), Moger Sol, Vags etc.. In five big factions. Iscar ISCAR rising rate is "vertigo". IMC to ISCA as the main body of the world (IscarMetalCuttinggroup) has become the world's third largest tool suppliers. ISCAR annex Ingersoll, mainly because its heavy tool, automobile industry, the mold industry special tool development capabilities: buying South Korean Taegu Taegutec marks the further expansion in asia.

Department of Europe mainly in Germany, including MAPAL, Guehring, EMUGE, TBT, Wagner, etc..

Other products include South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, products. The Korean wave is reflected not only in fashion, culture, Han Dao also become a king. Tool products to South Korea's Taegutec is complete, but the price advantage is: KORLOY is relatively affordable price, at the same time with its handle products, cut Chinese market will soon.



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