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Woodworking tools five aspects improve abrasion technique

Five carpenter woodworking tool wear technology growth

On the basis of the carpenter woodworking tool wear theory, to wear resistance increase of woodworking tools, the main ways are: growth resistance to mechanical abrasion wear of woodworking tools woodworking tools experience; growth of corrosion wear experienced.

A, surface heat processing

Management through the appearance of thermal proper, can make the gang structure change yellow metal, growth of woodworking tool surface hardness, increase its wear resistance.

Two, layer technology

Layer is the chemical composition change of woodworking tool appearance, growth of woodworking tool wear and corrosion resistance of a chemical heat treatment.

Three, coating technology

Electroplating is a traditional material to care measures. Electroplating for sex is very strong, not by the work volume and mass limit, in the iron based, non ferrous smelting of gold is, face parts, plastic and steel substrate can be plating.

Four, thermal spraying technology

Thermal spraying technology is that appropriate and use gas, liquid fuel or electric arc, plasma arc as heat, the yellow metal, gold, yellow metal ceramic, oxygen compounds, such as carbon compounds spraying material heated to melt or half melting appearance, the atomization, spray deposition, to eight day pre for the work surface by high velocity air flow and the formation of attachment surface layer of solid solution.

Five, coating technology

The coating technology is 2000 years at the beginning of 70 times in the material surface modification technology. It is through a certain way, coated in a thin layer of woodworking tool matrix of high abrasion resistance of refractory yellow metal (or non yellow metal) compounds, with the growth of woodworking tool is not easy to bad, corrosion resistance and high-temperature oxygen aging.



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